5 Facts You Should Know Before You Buy Organic

The “organic” label is arguably the most successful food brand since sliced bread (pun intended). But that doesn’t mean we should ignore the junk science people are using to sell you organic products.



Here are the 5 facts you should probably know before you buy organic…

1. Marketing usually tends to skimp on the facts and most particularly good science. Organic food is no exception. Take it from Bill Clinton’s Agriculture Secretary: organic labels are a marketing tool that have nothing to do with food safety.


2. You’ve probably also heard that organic agriculture is far better for the environment. But it’s not that black-and-white. Conventional agriculture yields more food per acre, allowing more natural land to be preserved.


3. Another point left out of pro-organic arguments: Organic farmers use pesticides too – sometimes even more than conventional farmers, and sometimes use more toxic chemicals like rotenone..


4. Even the UK Government Food Standards Agency found that there is no evidence of health benefits from consuming organic foods.


5. And the fact that will anger you the most: organic labels make people think food is less fattening than it is. Calories are calories.


Unfortunately, organic food isn’t the only subject where bad science taints the truth. Like us on Facebook to stay tuned for more debunking of bad science.