Are GMOs Just as Dangerous as Cigarettes?

Short answer: no, absolutely not.

Long answer:

Activists point to glyphosate, the pesticide that many GM crops have been modified to withstand, as a cause of cancer, obesity, allergies, behavioral problems…just about every ailment under the sun. The popular narrative exists despite decades of scientific research failing to even associate glyphosate with a single human health problem. Zero.

On the other hand, there is no doubt among medical professionals that cigarette smoking is directly responsible for severe harm to almost every organ in the body. Tobacco use also makes the body more susceptible to viral and bacterial infection, so health quality is impacted even before tobacco’s “big” consequences, like heart disease and cancer, ever appear.

Yet online activists seem to never run out of steam reporting nonsense such as “7 everyday foods that are as deadly or deadlier than cigarettes.”

If we define genetically modified produce as that which has had a gene purposefully inserted or removed, rather than manipulated through breeding practices, GM foods have been on the market for over 20 years. Oddly enough, there is a suspicious lack of regular Cheerio eaters dropping dead from complications of emphysema, lung cancer, stroke, liver cancer, type 2 diabetes… the list goes on.

To read more, check out Dr. Matan Shelomi’s response to Quora question “Cancer: Is smoking cigarettes a greater cancer risk than eating GMO corn containing glyphosate?