Is California’s Chemical Labeling Law Helping Anyone other than Trial Lawyers?

California has a wacky law, Proposition 65, that requires labeling of any products containing a substance California says may cause cancer or reproductive harm. Though it sounds like a good idea in theory (who wants to wear cancer-causing flip flops!), in practice the law requires so many things that aren’t dangerous to be labeled that it’s basically useless. Unless you’re a trial lawyer.

Our new video interviews three small business owners, along with our Chief Science Officer Dr. Joseph Perrone, who explain how lawyers are using Proposition 65 to extract millions of dollars in settlement money from businesses every year for failing to put Proposition 65 warning labels on products that pose no risk to consumers if used properly. (That means, don’t ingest your golf club cover or guitar case.)

We’ve put together a fact sheet showing how much money California lawyers are extracting from businesses every year and explaining that the labels are so ubiquitous, they’re basically useless. You can also read our report calling for reforms to the state’s law here.