Natural Resources Defense Council

The Natural Resources Defense Council is one of the largest environmental activist organizations in the United States, funding research and advocacy efforts aimed at eliminating the use of fossil fuels, banning genetically modified foods, phasing out a number of chemicals and consumer products, and other environmental and public health initiatives. The organization is directly involved in crafting policy proposals and lobbying federal and state officials and relies on research to back up its positions.

NRDC research and policy papers are frequently released to the media and cited by major news outlets, but the organization’s research isn’t subject to peer-review or submitted for journal publication. Instead, its research serves to support its policy goals. The NRDC is hardly unique in this respect, but when considering research issued by the organization, it’s important to note that it’s studies are tied to a clear policy agenda and haven’t been examined by other scientists.

The NRDC frequently takes positions that run counter to the scientific consensus. The organization continues to question the safety of genetically modified foods, bisphenol-A, rBGH and rBST, and other products that the scientific community and government regulatory agencies around the world have determined to be safe.