Should You Fear Your Thanksgiving Dinner?

The holiday season is a prime time for activist groups to whip up fears about the contents of your Thanksgiving meal. But before you spurn your mother’s green bean casserole or turn down non-organic turkey, check out our slide show that cuts through the activist fear-mongering and explains why you shouldn’t be afraid to enjoy your favorite seasonal treats.

  • Planning to use boxed stuffing? The Environmental Working Group says that’s a big no-no. EWG says most boxed stuffing mixes contain: GMOs, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and other “chemicals” like BHT. That’s hardly a reason to banish stuffing from your table: there’s no evidence GMOs are harmful, eating HFCS is essentially the same as consuming other forms of sugar, and even the European Food Safety Authority found that we’re not exposed to BHT in high enough levels to cause any health concerns. If your tabletop is yearning for Stovetop, it’s perfectly safe to eat.

We hope you enjoy a happy Thanksgiving! Remember, your favorite foods are perfectly safe to eat—in moderation. If you over-indulge (as we all seem to do during the holidays), you might needed some extra exercise to burn off those calories!