Sunburned Consumers Criticize Jessica Alba’s Organic Sunscreen as ‘Useless’

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company prides itself on creating “nontoxic,” organic products for consumers and their children. But apparently at least one of these “chemical-free products” doesn’t actually serve its intended purpose.

In recent days, a growing number of Honest Company customers have uploaded videos and pictures showing horrible sunburns developed after using the brand’s sunscreen. Other complaints include a “greasy” texture that wouldn’t come off in the shower.

The sunscreen is touted as a “natural mineral-based sun protection” containing no zinc oxide. It received the highest possible rating from the Environmental Working Group’s sunscreen guide, touted as “a top choice for sun protection” with the review glowing “based on our modeling this product provides EXCELLENT UVA protection and a GOOD balance of UVA protection in relation to SPF.”  Many of Alba’s customers would probably beg to differ.

This latest headline underscores why the Environmental Working Group’s sunscreen guide is completely bogus. You can learn more about the report’s failings here.