A Warning on the “Tide POD Challenge”

People of all ages and backgrounds have been swept into a frenzy over the “Tide POD Challenge.” Often described as “looking almost like candy,” these packets of highly concentrated cleaning product can cause severe reactions almost immediately, and can even be fatal if steps aren’t taken quickly to purge the product from a participant’s body.

In fact, according to Dr. John Hilmi, “As it goes down the esophagus … it will eat away at the tissue in the esophagus and in the airway, as well and it will actually liquify [sic] it.” Just biting a pod and ingesting a small amount of the product can cause immediate symptoms like vomiting, choking, coughing, and wheezing according to Dr. Hilmi.

Tide has gone to extraordinary lengths to inform the public about the dangers of eating its product. Beyond the plethora of warning labels on the container telling people about the consequences, they also enlisted New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski in a public service announcement telling customers that it’s always bad to eat a Tide POD.

But the trend continues. Companies are required to put so many warning labels on products that the most important ones are being ignored. Will the next trend be for teens to eat their iPhones? They are “apples,” after all.