Would You Pass High School Health Class?

Today the Center for Accountability in Science (CAS) released the results of a new survey showing most Americans couldn’t pass a high school health class. The national survey, conducted by ORC International, asked 1,024 adults ten questions covering food and nutrition. Overall it showed that we all could be a little smarter about nutrition.

Dr. Joseph Perrone, chief science officer of CAS chalked up the poor performance to misinformation spread by pseudoscientists and TV doctors, arguing junk science has serious consequences.  “When celebrities such as Dr. Oz say ‘superfoods’ are better or cast doubts on GMOs, they’re doing the public a disservice,” said Dr. Perrone. “They’re ignoring scientific facts for the sake of higher ratings and more followers.”

Would you pass high school health class? Or would you flunk like most Americans? Take the quiz below and find out.

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