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Jul 26

Myth: Aluminum Cans Are Better for the Environment

Aluminum is quickly becoming a top trend in single-use packaging, but it isn’t any better for the environment than plastic. Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely,...

Jul 19

Myth: Solar Panels Are Environmentally Clean

Solar panels are often touted as the environmentally friendly alternative energy source, but they carry many hidden environmental harms. To start, the solar cells themselves...

Jul 14

EPA Acts on Tap Water Contaminants

Earlier this year, IsTapWaterSafe.com, a project of the Center for Accountability in Science, took out an ad in the L.A. Times and launched a petition...

Jul 12

Myth: America’s Tap Water Is In Good Shape

The American tap water system is in shambles. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the American tap water system a “C-” grade in its...