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Jun 16

Fake Meat Companies Hope to Weaponize Prop 65 to Harm Real Meat Industry

A PETA-linked group touting vegan diets issued a complaint with the state of California requesting that processed meats–things like sausage and bacon–be saddled with a...

Jun 14

Myth: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Consists Mostly of Straws, Bottles, Bags, and Other Consumer Items

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating mass of trash that is the size of Texas located off the coast of Hawaii, is often evoked...

Jun 9

Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Green Hypocrisy

Celebrity Khloé Kardashian took to her Instagram story to call out her supporters’ usage of single-use plastic water bottles. Khloé, who previously promoted the Fidus...

Jun 7

Myth: Pizza Boxes Cannot Be Recycled

There is a long-standing belief that pizza boxes cannot be recycled, but that is not true today in most municipalities. Most pizza boxes can be...