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Apr 27

Energy Department Invests $6 Billion in Nuclear Despite Sierra Club Tears

The United States Department of Energy announced a plan to spend $6 billion to rescue nuclear energy facilities that are at risk of closing.  Department...

Apr 20

Straw Alternatives Continue to Suck

In 2011, a 9-year-old estimated that Americans alone use 500 million straws per day – a figure that would go on to become the basis...

Apr 14

Feds Invest Billions to Address Aluminum Mine Pollution

The federal government announced that it would be dolling out an unprecedented $6.4 billion to address the lasting effects of aluminum mining.  The clean-up will...

Apr 5

EPA Declines to Limit Tap Water Chemical Known To Cause Developmental Delays

The Environmental Protection Agency announced that it would not be taking steps to further regulate the chemical perchlorate in American drinking water. Perchlorate is a...