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Jun 22

Biden Administration Announces Changes to PFAS Regulation in Tap Water

The “forever chemicals” that have been turning up in drinking water throughout the country will soon be the target of new regulations from the Environmental...

Jun 14

Beach Litter Is on the Decline: Study

Bans on popular consumer products may not be necessary to reduce beach litter, according to a new study.  A new report from the Commonwealth Scientific...

Jun 9

Will Rushing Production of Solar Panels Protect the Environment?

The Biden Administration announced this week that it would be taking two significant steps to expand the supply of solar panels in the United States....

Jun 2

Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives Will Not Save the Planet

Recently, Starbucks’ choice to charge slightly more for non-dairy alternatives has drawn protests, including a recent stunt in which Succession and Babe actor James Cromwell...