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Aug 5

Environmentalists’ Love for Organics May Be Polluting America’s Drinking Water

Environmentalists have long supported biodegradable products and composting by claiming it is better for the planet. But a new investigation shows organic composting may be...

Jul 26

Plastic Is Better for the Planet than 13 of 14 ‘Green’ Alternatives: Study

Many environmentalists have called for plastic to be banned. But a new analysis shows that plastic is actually “greener” than alternative materials.  A new report...

Jul 7

2.2 Million Americans Lack Clean Drinking Water: Study

Lack of access to clean water seems like a problem that only takes place in far away countries. But for millions of Americans, access to...

Jun 22

Biden Administration Announces Changes to PFAS Regulation in Tap Water

The “forever chemicals” that have been turning up in drinking water throughout the country will soon be the target of new regulations from the Environmental...