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Oct 28

What’s the Big Fracking Deal?

There aren’t many issues on which Joe Biden and Donald Trump agree, but fracking appears to be one of them—at least to a degree. The...

Oct 26

Anti-Vaxxers Spin Tragic Deaths in South Korea

A string of tragic deaths in South Korea fueled the latest wave of anti-vaccine conspiracies on social media. Five South Koreans died within days of...

Oct 26

New Report: Lead Levels in Tap Water High Enough to Harm Infants and Children

A new study in conjunction with Virginia Tech reveals various levels of lead in tap water across the United States. 97 households were tested just...

Oct 22

Governors Question Credibility of FDA as Americans Wait for COVID-19 Vaccine

The governors of two of the most populous states in the union have cast doubts about the integrity of the Food and Drug Administration’s approval...