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Nov 22

Myth: Plant-Based Fake Meat Is Better for the Environment Than Real Meat

With a title like “plant-based,” it’s easy to assume a product is good for the environment. But that’s not always the case. Synthetic meat is...

Nov 17

Toilet to Tap? 5 Things To Know About Recycled Tap Water

Public utility officials are turning to some unlikely sources to address tap water problems: the gutter and the toilet.  While the idea of drinking sewer...

Nov 16

Congress Starts to Address Tainted Tap Water

America’s failing tap water infrastructure could be receiving some much-needed help. More than $55 billion of the $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will...

Nov 15

Myth: All the Trash in the Ocean Is Plastic

There is plastic trash in the ocean, but it is certainly not the only trash that finds its way into the sea. As much as...