New Column Makes the Case for Low Carbon Plastic Bottles Over Aluminum Cans

In his first Carbon Column, U.K. author Ellis Hall of FutureNetZero made the case that plastic may have a better carbon footprint when compared to aluminum. Read Hall’s full column here

Cans v bottles?

After all, we all know about recycling cans and it seems far better than the nasty plastic bottle. I reckon 90% of people would say aluminium cans are better than plastic but is that actually true?

Bottled water vs canned water could be debated from many angles, but let’s focus on carbon emissions. During a time when I believed all plastic was bad, I spoke to Harrogate Spring Water, a company on my doorstep that creates millions of bottles of water annually for people and businesses all over the world.

They say they are a water company focused on ensuring their business is sustainable.

Their bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is 100% recyclable. 51% of the bottle is made from recycled PET. So, why haven’t bottled water companies like them and others, switched to offering just canned water?

Well, studies show canned water may not be better for the environment.