YOU VOTE: Which Vaccine Preventable Disease is Worst?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about childhood vaccines and whether folks should or should not vaccinate their children. We maintain a strong pro-vaccine position, and we’ll give you a few reasons why (with photos). We’ll even let you vote on which vaccine preventable disease you think is the worst!

1) The Smallpox Vaccine Prevents … Smallpox.

You do not want smallpox. You do not want your child to have smallpox. You do not want to be near ANYONE with smallpox. If the picture below is not convincing enough to encourage the smallpox vaccine, search smallpox on Google Images.


2) The Polio Vaccine Will Keep You Out of This Negative Pressure Generator.

The Negative Pressure Generator (AKA Iron Lung) is used to treat polio patients. It allows you to breath when muscle control is lost due to the polio virus. Don’t force your child to spend a lifetime in the Iron Lung … get the polio vaccine.


3) Your Week Will Be Much Better If You Don’t Have to Deal With Your Child’s Measles Outbreak.

Measles symptoms include an elongated fever, cough, cold, conjunctivitis, and rashes. You don’t have time for that. Get the measles vaccine.


4) Shingles Hurts and It’s Not Pretty.

Not only is shingles gross, it’s apparently really painful. As you can see from the picture below, it does not look pleasant. The shingles vaccine will spare you and your child the inconvenience.



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